Finished the Elevator

December 15th and 16th 2018, 10h

  • We pop riveted the remaining hard to reach rivets
  • we rolled the leading edge of both the left and right elevator
  • We riveted the leading edge of both the left and right elevator. It was a bit tricky to get the two surfaces to mate smoothly together, we had to do additional adjustment to the bend at the area where the two surfaces meet, and by the end we got some pretty good results.


Then we attached the elevator to the horizontal stabilizer, we had to adjust the number of rotations of the bearing to get good range of motion.  We have now bigger than the max 30deg range of motion, which we can reduce later on. We also had to remove a little bit of material from the horizontal stabilizer to make room for the horns, to get the large range of motion.


The empennage is looking pretty good, time to move on to the wings.


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