Leading Edge

February 14th, 6h

The second leading edge went great

IMG_0801 (1).jpg

February 12th, 9h

In order to start working on the leading edge, I built a cradles to hold the leading edges while attaching the ribs.  The crib did hold the leading edge great.


Then I started working on the leading edge.  I started with the left one, so it involved the stall horn system.  I decided to go both with the stall horn and AoA, I am a big believer in redundancy in safety critical components.  so I did the prep work for the stall horn.  Then I moved on to attaching the ribs.


Then, the fun part started:

  • I attached the leading edge to the main buddy.
  • I added the inboard rib that did not have pre patched holes.
  • I added the attachment skin that links the main leading edge to the fuel tanks.
  • I drilled the inboard rib and attachment skin.
  • I drilled all the ribs of the leading edge both to the main spar and the skin.

The results looks great:


Next is the right wing leading edge.

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