Riveting wings

May 26th, 27th,  11h

We continued on riveting the wing top skins:

  • We finished riveted W702 Left
  • We riveted W703 Left
  • We riveted W703 Right
  • We riveted W703 Right

All went on very smoothly and the results looked great. The fit between the leading edge and W703 for both wings is great.



Then we moved on to riveting the leading edge ribs to the main spar.  We modified a pop rivet gun so that it can fit is tight quarters.  Then we tried to rivet, the rivet gun broke!  Then we decided to go back to buck riveting, trying to be as dexterous as possible in reaching all the rivets.  It was not that bad at the end.  It took a lot of effort, but we got the right wing done with solid rivets, which are way more structurally rigid than pop rivet.

We decided to leave the rivet of the leading edge ribs to the main spar for the left wing to another day.

So, we move on to installing the conduit.  This was time consuming and took a lot of effort, giving that the conduit diameter is larger than the diameter of the hole.  This is done by design to achieve close highness.  I did half of the conduit for each wing and the results look good.



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