Sealing Miscellaneous

May 24th, 25th,  15.5h

After getting the main part of the fuel tank done, I moved on to finishing the last details before closing:

  • Fixing few rivets:  first there was few rivets that were not flush, above the mil spec.  So, I removed those rivets and reset new ones with fuel tank sealant.
  • Vent line: first I needed to flare the vent line.  It is very important to get the flare well done, since a bad flare can lead to leaks in the fuel tank.  So, first, I purchased a flaring device and testing it in some extra pipe I had, the flare looked great.  Then I went ahead and flared the vent line for both tanks.  Afterward, I fit the vent line in both tanks, through all the ribs and fuel cap tab.  Then, I bent the line so that it is pointing to the highest point in the tank.  As well, I tested tightening the nuts.  Everything looked great.  Then it was time to add the tank sealant in to seal the input of the vent line for both tanks.
  • Fuel pickup tube: I bought the pre-made fuel pickup tube, so it came already with a flare.  So this one was easy.  I fitted in the tank.  Then I riveted the anti-rotation bracket with sealant.  Then tightened the nuts.  All looked great.  Then I moved to sealing the fuel pickup input for both tanks.
  • Fuel sander:  this one does not need to be sealed in until closing the tank.  But for completion, I added it in to see the fitting of everything together and test for any interference.  All looked great.
  • Removing fuel sealant from the edge that meets with the leading edge:  after testing the fit of the fuel tank in the main spar, with the leading edge, the fuel tank was a little too high.  This was because there was a bunch of fuel tank sealant a† the edge of the most outboard rib that added material causing the tank not to be flush.  So, I removed the excess fuel tanks sealant., leaving only few millimeters at the outside of the rib for sealing.






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