Riveting Stiffeners and Prepping Skeleton

May 31th & June 1st,  13h

I riveted both left and right aileron stiffeners.  It went very smoothly by using back riveting and the results look very good.

Then, I bent both the left and right aileron skins using the same bending tool I fabricated for the empennage.  The bent met all the specs and aileron skin fit pretty nicely with the back spar.



Afterward, I moved ahead with prepping the skeleton:

  • fabricating the reinforcement plates
  • Match drilling and deburring reinforcement plates
  • Match drilling and deburring the aileron brackets.  These took quite a while to drill and deburr since the material is pretty tick and the access for deburring was not great.  In order to drill #12 holes, I stepped up slowly from #40, so it took many iterations.  Then I had to use a small file to deburr the inside of the brackets.  The results look good
  • Priming the parts.
  • Riveting the reinforcement plates to the back spar and the platenuts.IMG_1262.jpg

Getting close to putting the ailerons together.


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