Roll Servo

July 30th, 9h

I continued on the installation of the roll servo and tie down.  First I attached the tie down to both the left and right wing, with all new hardware, setting all the torques correctly with the new torque wrench.  Then I installed the roll servo into the right wing.  Afterwards, I moved on to attaching the bellcranck, and I discovered that Vans forgot to ship me the bell crank bushings, so I ordered them. Then I moved on to the wiring, but I did not have the proper crimping tool, so I ordered one.





July 13th, 14th, 16th and 23rd, 12h

To get started in the roll servo, I needed to first fix the tie down assembly that was over torqued.  So, I removed the tie down for both the left and the right wings, removed all the platenuts by removing all the rivets.  Then riveted new plate nuts. Then primed. Afterwards, I will be re-attaching the tiedown with new hardware.


Then I moved on to the assembly of the roll servo.  I decided to attach the limiting bracket, to ensure that the servo will never get into the null space, which will cause loss of roll authority. Then I assembled the rest of the hardware, which went pretty smoothly.  Next is to attach the roll servo with the tie-down into the wings.



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