Pitot, Roll Servo & BellCrank

August 3rd & 10th 13h

Pitot Tube

I followed on the work on the pitot heat assembly by riveting platenuts into the pitot heat controller. I decided to use platenuts, so that I will have an easy way to remove the pitot heat controller for service.


Then, I decided to cut down the tubes for the pitot tube.  By having the tubes shorter, it will be way easier to remove the pitot tube in the future, for service.



As well, I worked on to the bellcrank assembly.  I received the bell crank bushing, so I had all the parts. I had to disassemble the tiedown in order to fit the bushing in.  Then I installed all the parts of the bellcrank and tightened everything to the torque settings, for both the left and right wings.

Following is the left bellcrank assembly with the pitot and AoA tubes and heat control wiring passing under the bellcrank.


Following is the bellcrank of the right wing, with the modification for the roll servo. I still need to add safely wire for the bolts for the roll servo, for which I have just ordered the tool.


Next, I primed all the roll control tubing, from both inside and outside.


Roll Servo

For the roll servo, I finally received the crimping tool, so I crimped all the connections.


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