Fuel Tanks Closing and Testing

August 19th, 21th, 26th 11h

I finished closing the second fuel tank: the tank lid and the duel sander.

Afterwards I moved on to testing the 2 fuel tanks. I emailed Vans about the leak in the fuel cap observed in the first tank.  According to them, small leaks in fuel cap are ok since it is in the highest point in the tank, so they asked for adding tape to the fuel cap for the sake of the pressure test.  As well, they pointed a nut that I could adjust to tighten the pressure between the fuel cap and the flange.  After tightening the nut, the leak was way small.  Then I added tape for the test.

After many trials to get a good seal between the balloon and the air vent fitting, I was able to get a good seal and test both tanks.  Both tanks passed the test.

There was no babbles when I sprayed soppy water.  There was a small deflation in the ballon in one of the tests that is expected because of a decrease in temperature of about 20 deg Fahrenheit between the 2 days.  There was an inflation in one of the balloons all the way to explosion after 24h, explained by an increase in temperature between the days.  So, temperature plays a big role in the size the balloon maintains and the deciding factor in the test is the absence of babbles when spraying with soapy water.


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