Wing Internals

October 27th, 6h

We need to finish all the small details inside the wing in order to rivet the bottom skins and finish the wings.

  • So, I applied E6000 to the conduit.
  • We started setting up the wiring of the pitot, but then we realized that we need to buy more wire and connectors
  • We looked at the wiring for the lights, not much to do there. We tested passing it through the conduit, it worked great.
  • We wired the magnetometer through the conduit, it was pretty easy to drive through, and not much setup needed.
  • We wired the roll servo by making a connector and a cable for all the wires.  As well, we glued some zip-tie attachments to control routing the cable and relieve strain.



Overall, we are pretty close to finishing up all the small internal details of the wings, and move on to riveting the bottom skins.




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