Wing internals continue

November 2nd, 5h

I continued on the prep for the wing riveting.  So, I finish all the pitot/AoA probe wiring:

  • Attaching the wires from the probe to the controller with zip-ties and zip-tie attachments that I glued with E6000 to the control unit.
  • Extending the wires from the control unit by using 20 gauge wire of the same color and butt connectors
  • Applying a wire protection for all the pitot/AoA wires, as well as the stall horn wire.




I also looked into attaching the pitot probe to the must with screw, but I had some trouble with tapping the holes.  I am consulting with Dynon on that, and my current plan is to fill those holes with JB weld and to make new ones.


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