Airplane Move

December 28th, January 4th, 18h

We are moving from Half Moon Bay to Richmond.  So, I had to plan the airplane move:

  • Both airplane insurance for ground, non-motion, which means the plane is uncovered when it is not moving under its own power.
  • Rented a 20ft U-haul.
  • Packed all the part of the fuselage and finishing kits back in their original crates.
  • With the help of friends, we carried and retrained all the parts of the tail, the wings and the crates into the U-haul.
  • We drove the U-haul and unpacked.  All the parts arrived in great condition.  Not a single damage. Great success.
  • We setup the plane and the shop in the new garage, it looks great.  I am looking forward to continuing the build and moving on to the fuselage.




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