Cutting, drilling the windshield, height of canopy to windshield

October 30th, November 13, December 4th 2022, 24h

The fitting of the windshield was done by look, not much guidance from Vans, even after I called with them.

To adjust the height and transition from the windshield to the canopy, we needed to adjust the height of the canopy frame slightly, which got the top portion to match. Then to get the whole contour to match, we had to add washers between the roll bar and the windshield, as specified in the instructions.

The next items was to finish the attachement of the slider tracks. The slider tracks are attached via screws and nuts; however, there is no access from the bottom to fit any tools for the nuts, so we switched it to nut-plates. The alinement of the nut-plates is tricky.


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