Canopy Projects

Jan 8th, 2023 9h

  • Bolted down the slider rail
  • Bolted down the slider rail angle to all thread with loctite and torque stripe
  • Remade right slider block from UHMW
  • Fitted and adjusted length of all parts. Now the latch works nicely, it closes and opens the canopy without too much tension.
  • Organized all the finishing kit hardware

To Do Next time:

  • Slider Block
    • Finish drilling hole to a .27″ and ensure the canopy can open and close easily
    • Prime and bolt into place
  • Latch: finish drilling and taping; add cotter pin
  • Super tracks
    • Finish sanding the super tracks canopy edge to make flush
    • Match drill bolt hole from inside fuselage #27 drill bit
    • Drill additional 2x screw holes from outside of fuselage #27
    • Countersink 3x screw holes, deburr, and bolt down

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