Continue Canopy side skins

Feb 5th 2023, 8h

Continued working on the side skins:

  • Continued the fitting of the canopy with side skins by sanding more the left side and chamfering it.
  • Drilled the canopy sides
  • Fabricated C-791
  • Drilled the canopy frame sides, using C-791
  • Matched drilled C-791. We still have a gap up to 1/8 inch in the left and up 1/16 inch on the right.

Next time:

  • Check with Van about the gap on the side skins and take appropriate action
  • Redo the left C-660, as I am not happy with the front gap. The cutout is based on the dimensions on the drawing, and I was conservatively cutting, still I need to cut less!
  • I need to fabricate a spacer for the right C-791, back bottom, as 2 of the holes don’t have much edge distance.
  • Continue side skins

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