Continue progress: Canopy, rudder connector, tail fairings

March 25th 2023, 9h


We tried fitting the side skirt again, by creating a bend to get a better bit. The fit on the side looked better. However, the bend will made the fit for the back skirt worse. So, we decided to go with fiber glass for both side and back skirts. We needed to prep and purchase a few thing for the fiber glass work. So we moved to the tail.

Rudder connector:

We finish the last connector. Nw to remove the rudder, we have easy access to the light connector, without needing to remove the fairing. We still need to add some epoxy to the connector, fr water isolation.


We sanded the right and left fairing. Now we have a good 1/8inch between the elevator and rudder. We decided this time to fill it with micro-balloons, as it is hard to get the fiber glass tight without vacuum, which leads to less distance between the elevator and horizontal stabilizer. With micro-balloons, we should be able to keep the 1/8 distance. To work with micro-balloons, we decided that we need respirators!

Engine mount:

We tested the engine mount but we did not have a 3/16inch drill bit

Next time:

Tail Fairing: fill with epoxy and micro-balloons

Tail connector: fill with epoxiy

Engine mount: position and drill

Canopy skirts: prep for fiber glass


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