Prepping for interior paint

May 6th 2023, 8h

We started the prep for the painting:

  • ELT: One of the open questions was were the ELT was going to be located and whether its install will damage the paint. After some research, it turned our that a good position for the ELT is right behind the baggage compartment. So, the install does not entefer with the paint. However, since I already did all the research, I went ahead and installed the ELT.
  • A few more items to prep an prime:
    • The power coat of the back part of the canopy frame was damages, so we etched it, so get it ready for priming.
    • A couple other part needed to be drilled, deburred and etches
  • Marked the part that need painting.
  • Painting the back canopy frame research: to fix the powder coat issues, we can either power coat the canopy frame again, which is high on $$. Or, we can prime it and paint it. I decided to go for Ekopoxy primer and paint, to get the best results. For esthetics, I looked for a white Ekopoxy primer, and then I looked for the right shade for the akopoxy or jetflex paint. I requested quotes.


  • Prime the couple remaining items.
  • Create cardboard shapes for carpet or upholstered areas, the cardboard pieced will help on covering the areas that do not need painting and be the template for the carpet or upholstered accessories.
  • Sand all items that will be painted
  • Paint.
  • Prime and paint the canopy frame.

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