Horizontal Stabilizer Priming

October 13th, 2018, 4h

After doing some readings and a discussion with technical counsel, I decided to prime all parts to extend the longevity of the airplane, given that I live by the ocean in Half Moon bay.

I looked up few options of primers and decided to go with a two part EkoPoxy Primer which I use with a finishline FLG-IV HVLP gun kit.

After experimenting with the setting, we were able to obtain some good results.


Horizontal Stabilizer Journey

July 14 2018, 8h

Riveting horizontal assembly to the skin
Sanding and priming small damages to the skin

July 7th 2018, 7h

Fixing errors: holes drilled to wrong size

Dimpling all part except skin

Riveting front spar

Riveting skin

July 4th 2018, 8h



Riveting back spar

June 30th 2018, 4h


June 24th 2018, 8h

Flanges and skin prep


June 17th 2018, 8h

Rear and front spar assembly


June 10th 2018, 5h

Rear spar assembly