Riveting the mid and forward fuselage

November 28th, December 6th, 12th, 24h

We proceeded with riveting. It was lot of riveting done in few days, and the result is rewarding. Following are some pictures showing the progress. We riveted all, at the exception of the firewall, which we left until we attach the noise.

Then we flipped the canoe. This part was fun. I can not wait to sit inside the fuselage,.


August 23rd 6h

Attaching the firewall turned out to be time consuming. I had to adjust the length of the longerons many time, fit the longerons and re-do. I guess I was pretty conservative in my adjustment of the longerons length, so it took many iterations. After being happy with the fit, I started drilling the fire wall, that took some time and many drill bits, since this is drilling through steel.