Finishing install of right flap

January 1st, 3h

After further Analysis of the alignment of the flap hinge attached to the skin, we realized that we can just adjust the teeth of the hinge.  The adjustments were very small, then we tested attaching the right flap.  We went through few trials, until we got to the desired results, the pin can easily flow between the 2 parts of the hinge.  The flap was attached and the motion is pretty smooth. The wing looks complete, only couple items remaining.



Attaching flaps and ailerons

December 13th, 14th, 10h

I riveted the flap to the right wing, which went great.  It is great to see both the flap and aileron on and rotating.


Then I moved to the left wing.  For this one, I had to redo the hinge, since the holes in the previous hinge did not end up having edge distance. After redoing all the drilling, deburring and dimpling, I was finally able to rivet the hinge.  However this hinge did not end up being perfectly straight, because of some enlarged holes for which there was no access to enlarge the countersink.  So, I waiting to hear from Vans about this one:


So, I switch to working in the aileron and bell-crank. I redid the bell-crank since in the previous one the riveting of the end did not go great. Redoing the bell-crank went smoothly,  then I attached the bell-crank to the aileron.  Now the aileron for the left wing is moving great as well.



Centering Aileron and Setup Flaps

November 23nd, 6h

I centered the ailerons by creating a jig to set the ailerons at the neutral position.  Then, I torqued to setting all the aileron bolts once it is set at neutral. Afterwards, I attached the flaps while making sure that the trailing edge of the aileron and flap align.  Afterward I drilled the skin to the brace and flap hinge, in the pre set flap position.  After deburing, I dimpled the skin and countersink the brace. Now, the flap hinge is ready to be riveted to the bottom skin.



Aileron & Flap Attachments

October 13th, 8h

We made some great progress with the flap and aileron attachment:

  • Matched drilled the attachments for both wings
  • Debured attachments for both wings
  • Primed the attachments for both wings
  • Then, riveted the attachments for both wings





Then we moved to the aileron and flap fairings

  • smoothed the edges for aileron and flap failings for the both wings
  • Matched drilled aileron and flap failings for the both wings
  • Deburred aileron and flap failings for the both wings
  • Primed aileron and flap failings for the both wings


Prepping Flaps

June 19th, 20th,  6h

I got started on the flaps, the last big part of the wings.  The flaps look straight forward and the preparation is going pretty smoothly:

  • clekoed the skeletons and skins.
  • fabricated spacers for the edge ribs.
  • fabricated shims for the back of the ribs.
  • drilled the skeleton and skin.
  • fabricated the inboard angles.

The flaps are looking good: