Centering Aileron and Setup Flaps

November 23nd, 6h

I centered the ailerons by creating a jig to set the ailerons at the neutral position.  Then, I torqued to setting all the aileron bolts once it is set at neutral. Afterwards, I attached the flaps while making sure that the trailing edge of the aileron and flap align.  Afterward I drilled the skin to the brace and flap hinge, in the pre set flap position.  After deburing, I dimpled the skin and countersink the brace. Now, the flap hinge is ready to be riveted to the bottom skin.



Riveting Bottom Skins

November 3nd, 5h


The wing internals are nearly complete. So, it is time to start riveting the bottom skins.  First we start with fitting the skins.  The is a very small gap, about 1mm between the bottom skin and the fuel tank skin in the left wing.  It does not look concerning.



Then we moved on to the riveting.  We started with the most inner ribs, working in an L shape, but access is pretty bad, with not much visibility.  After a bunch of trials, we decided to break for the time being, and continue this on a fresh day.

Wing internals continue

November 2nd, 5h

I continued on the prep for the wing riveting.  So, I finish all the pitot/AoA probe wiring:

  • Attaching the wires from the probe to the controller with zip-ties and zip-tie attachments that I glued with E6000 to the control unit.
  • Extending the wires from the control unit by using 20 gauge wire of the same color and butt connectors
  • Applying a wire protection for all the pitot/AoA wires, as well as the stall horn wire.




I also looked into attaching the pitot probe to the must with screw, but I had some trouble with tapping the holes.  I am consulting with Dynon on that, and my current plan is to fill those holes with JB weld and to make new ones.


Wing Internals

October 27th, 6h

We need to finish all the small details inside the wing in order to rivet the bottom skins and finish the wings.

  • So, I applied E6000 to the conduit.
  • We started setting up the wiring of the pitot, but then we realized that we need to buy more wire and connectors
  • We looked at the wiring for the lights, not much to do there. We tested passing it through the conduit, it worked great.
  • We wired the magnetometer through the conduit, it was pretty easy to drive through, and not much setup needed.
  • We wired the roll servo by making a connector and a cable for all the wires.  As well, we glued some zip-tie attachments to control routing the cable and relieve strain.



Overall, we are pretty close to finishing up all the small internal details of the wings, and move on to riveting the bottom skins.




Aileron & Flap Attachments

October 13th, 8h

We made some great progress with the flap and aileron attachment:

  • Matched drilled the attachments for both wings
  • Debured attachments for both wings
  • Primed the attachments for both wings
  • Then, riveted the attachments for both wings





Then we moved to the aileron and flap fairings

  • smoothed the edges for aileron and flap failings for the both wings
  • Matched drilled aileron and flap failings for the both wings
  • Deburred aileron and flap failings for the both wings
  • Primed aileron and flap failings for the both wings


Attaching Fuel Tank & Flipping Wings

October 5th and 6th, 6h

Given that we had 2 bolts that did not work well with the second fuel tank attachment, we want ahead and removed the second tank.  Then we replaced the bad platenuts.  Then we attached the fuel tank again.  The second time, it worked great.

Afterwards, we proceeded to flipping the tanks into the new cradle. We looked for any twist, and we measure less then 1deg, which is pretty good.



Attaching Fuel Tanks

August 29th, 9h

Attaching the fuel tanks was a bit time consuming.  The fitting is pretty tight, and having fuel tank sealant in the edges did not help.  So, we have to do couple trials to makes small adjusted, removing some sealant, to get the tank to fit.

Finally, we got the right fuel tank to fit pretty well.



Then we moved on to the left one. The fitting ended up pretty good as well.  However, we ended having a bit of troubles with 2 bolts going into the platenuts attaching the spar to the Z-bars.  we decided to get back to those bolts later.