Prepping wing Skin for priming

May 5th, 4h

I decided to go ahead and prime all wings skins and leading edges on same time.  So, it is going to be a big priming job.  First, I decided to prep all the parts so that I can actually tackle the priming job in one day.  So:

  • I remove the inside venyl wrap from all skins and leaded edges.
  • I rough the inside surfaces for all skins and leaded edges.
  • I washed all the surfaces

Next is to apply Alumina Prep, Wash, clean with Acetone, and finally Prime.

Priming Spars and Ribs

January 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2018, 19h

I did a pretty large priming job, tacking the spars and all the wing ribs. I did follow all the recommended steps for priming to see if I will get better results then the priming I did in the empennage:

  • scratch all the parts with a scotchbrite
  • rinse all the parts
  • clean all part with acetone
  • brush all the parts with alumiprep
  •  rinse all the parts
  • clean all part with acetone
  • Prime

The result looks good, I tried to peal by hand the primer of one of the ribs and I did not succeed.