New Wing Cradle

August 28th, 5.5h

Given that both fuel tanks passed, the next steps in to attached them and flip the wings into the new cradles to work on attaching the flaps and ailerons.  We selected to go for the same design Vans suggested.  Building the cradles was pretty rewarding since we built the whole thing in few hours.


Garage and Wing Stand

December 24th and 25th 2018, 10h

I got the garage setup for the wings by moving the work table around to make space for the wings stand where most of the wings work will take place.


I bought few items to build the wing stand and I got started in the building.  I am going for a simple wing stand design, with no wheels for now, so that it is stable for the build. I will add the wheels later on, once I am done with the wings build so that the wings are movable.