Tie Down Assembly

January 19th, 2018, 7h

I finally got a metal blade, so we were able to work on the tie down assembly:

  • Cut the tie down spacers.
  • Smoothed the edges.
  • Clamped the spacers to the front spar with the tie down and drilled the holes for the bolts.
  • bolted the platenuts and drilled holes for the platenuts.
  • Deburred.
  • countersunk
  • Primed the surface between the spacers and the tie down.
  • rivets the platenuts to the spacers and tie down.
  • fitted the tie down assembly, but it did not fit.  The holes must have shifted lightly during the drilling.
  • Grinded the edges of the spacers to get them to fit.


  • Then, I cut down the edges of the back spar attachments, and smoothed them.

IMG_0749 (1).jpg


Front Wing Spar

January 5th, 2018, 2h

Worked on the tie down assembly:

  • Grinned the brackets to size, since we only needed to remove about amm.
  • Drilled matching hole with the main front spar.

We were not able to go ahead with the fabrication of the spacers wince we needed a blade for cutting metal for the bandsaw, so I ordered one to follow up on this work next time.


December 29th and 30th 2018, 16h

We started on the front wing spar, we worked on the plate nuts on the sides of the spar, for both wings:

  • counter sinking the side holes for the rivets
  • priming the holes
  • riveting the plate nuts
  • countersinking for the screws

Left wing



Right wing



We dimpled the access plates