Riveting/Sealing Stiffeners

April 6th, 7th, 8th 2019, 11h

Riveting using the fuel tank sealant is a missy time consuming job.  We decided to tackle half of the stiffeners at a time so that we can be done in one hour while the sealant is still good. The method we used is as follow:

  • Clean very well all surfaces, rivets and clekos with Acetone.
  • Add type to all inside surface we did not want any sealant in.
  • Add a good layer of sealant to the stiffeners.
  • Put the rivets in and add backing type.
  • Rivet
  • Add more sealant to the edges of the stiffeners and the head of the rivets.
  • Remove all type and clean with Acetone.
  • We had a couple rivets that did not go very well, so we replaced them.


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