Riveting leading edge, prepping riveting main skins

May 11th and 12th, 11h

After all the prep work and the priming, we are finally at the last stage of riveting the wing together: the point of no return.

So, before we get into riveting and finalizing the wing, we need to think of all the wiring, lights and avionics components that go into the wings.  This drove into a lot of research last week, these are the current options under consideration:

  • Heated pitot with Aoa: Dynon or Garmin.
  • Avionics: the choice of pitot tube will determine the choice of the avionics, given that I would like to go for a fully compatible system.  The current choices are Dynon or Garmin or AFS.
  • Stall warning:  I am going for the choice provided by Vans, the stall warning will provide redundancy since I have as well AoA with the pitot tube that would be integrated with the rest of the avionics.
  • Light:  most likely FlyLED, the open question is the position of the landing and taxi light in the wing tip and how would that be for lighting the runway and taxi way.  The other option is AeroLED.

We are still in the middle of making some decisions.  In the mean time, we went ahead with riveting the leading edges. It was great to see both leading edges coming together in one day, when it took weeks to do the fuel tanks.  Riveting without fuel tank sealant is so much more rewarding. The two leading edges look great:



After riveting the leading edges, we went into installing and riveting the stall horn.  It came together well.  However, we broke one of the bolts, so we can not rivet it for the the time being:


Then we went on prepping the main skins for riveting:

  • Leveling the wings to ensure that there is no twist.
  • Removing some the vynil paper that was not finished.
  • Attacking the skins.
  • putting rivets.
  • Adding tape.

One of the wings main skins are ready to be riveted:




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