Canopy side skins

Jan 22n 2023, 8h

We finish a few items from last time and started the canopy side skins:

  • Latch: Loosen the latch screw, so that the latch can rotate
  • Super track:
    • Drill the stifferning strips and instal them
    • Test: the canopy slides back and forth pretty well
  • Side skin:
    • fabricated c-660
    • match drilled the canopy frame using c-660
    • fabricated c-659
    • Matched drilled c-659
    • Fitted the side skin to the fuselage. There was interference with the left side of the canopy. There is also an issue with the aft hole of the right falling on the weld of the canopy frame
    • Sanded left side of canopy and testing again. There still a little bit of interference

Next week:

  • Sand the left side of the canopy again and recheck the fit of the side skins
  • Fix issue with aft hole interference with the weld according to Vans instructions
  • Continue with side skins

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